things I hate right now

feeling ill ★ the rain ★ the lack of summer feelings ★ pay, wait and then wait some more to get to a doctor who’s an idiot ★ days like this when life feels like shit ★ that Petter is in stress mode deluxe and doesn’t even have time to laugh to my jokes or listen to how my day has been ★ when your best friends are drunk and you are not ★ to not have an own apartment, or even an own room ★ that someone trashed my bike so now I don’t have one ★ the cold ★ that I miss my mum ★ not knowing what to do this autumn ★ to feel bad about feeling bad ★ that isabel, wenche, lotta and I don’t live in the same town ★ that a flight ticket to mexico is quite expensive

that was all from sunshine stories today!


  • Take time to recover. Rest & drink plenty.
    Hugs, and fondles through Your hair.

    Things have a tendency to resolve.

  • I think!! The one thing you should not care about and fix is the “ticket to Mexico¨….just pay and leave!!!!!!!! 😉
    That´s what i´m doing soon…!!!!
    Sayulita!!!! here i come!!!!

    Kram ;-D

  • Blä, vilken skitdag! Skönt att få tycka riktigt synd om sig själv ibland också.
    Går livet upp så går det även ner. Hoppas den sopigal äkaren lyckades skriva ut penicillin så du kan bli frisk snart.

    Kram Malin

  • Bli frisk så får vi dricka lite kaffe eller ha picknick i solen (för den kommer!!!). Lovar att skratta åt sina skämt 🙂 puss!

  • ÅH men nu ser jag ju din kommentar!! TACK kära Malin! Nu ska jag kika på din blogg! Tusen tack för senast 😉 funfunfun! kram!

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