Nicaragua, Surf

The Bing Swee´Pea

I fell in love with the Bing Swee´Pea, so I just had to take one of them with me. This is such an awesome board and I can’t wait to try it in the Swedish surf, I have the feeling it will work so good! Thin, wide, flat, playful and soooo fast. This is a 5’8 and muuumma. For Swedes back home, just give me a shout if you wanna try it out some day


  • well… man…. days aren’t gunna be the same without your reports from down south ! Im sure for alot of other’s around the world.. we will miss your charm and eye for beauty and balance . I know I know,, schools beginning and your hot to hit the books… and I can trust by observing your skraigly hair (Petter) and those huge pizza’wave eating grins that no matter how much education you seek out… in the end you will always be carrying a little sand between your toes… salt in your locks… and another story to tell bout that radical drop you felt you’d be lucky to make let alone all those radical turns down the line…. I hope you both have lifes full of super rich rad experiences,, better and better health.. less drinking and more healthy salads !! take excellent care of each other and the world at your feet !
    When you return to Ca. … give me a call … Email me for my #…and I’l show you around….. It’a be nice to meet you ! Cheer’s 2 Ya ! canyon

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