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we walked out of the plane, took the skytrain to the immigrationcontrol, went by the super clean self-flushing toilet on the way, passed the immigration, followed the sign to the subway and missed the first train by a few seconds. on five led-flatscreens it said, new departure in less than 2 minutes. the subway took

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Eftersom Petter inte har tid att blogga tar jag mig friheten att blogga lite brudiga bilder. Blev huxlfux ledig idag på grund av vädret. Saknar båten och mina kära kollegor, men tänkte att det här kanske blir den sista pysseldagen på ett bra tag. Tänkte sortera mina indonesiska pärlor och kanske knåpa ihop nåt fint.

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Sri Lanka



picked up a really cool board the other day! a mc gregor 1977 singefin gun! a surfboard-beach-hire-guy-that-doesnt-surf found it in a hotel on sri lanka whose owner (an australian dude) passed away a few years ago. i saw i german guy riding the white water with it and just could stand it, the board is

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rock fruit


nescoffe and some cookies from the sri lankan bake tradition, dhal (great mix of lentils and spices), chilli-cocos (yumyum), and rock fruit (a big spikey fruit which you can cook delicious meals of)

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This day was one of our most epic days on our last journey. Imagine one of the coolest islands in the world, with loads and loads of culture, strong religion and old traditions. Imagine the whole island throwing a party on the same day, based on their strong island belief. That was what this day

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