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we walked out of the plane, took the skytrain to the immigrationcontrol, went by the super clean self-flushing toilet on the way, passed the immigration, followed the sign to the subway and missed the first train by a few seconds. on five led-flatscreens it said, new departure in less than 2 minutes. the subway took us straight to little india, a few minutes walk threw somthing that was a strange mixture between a clean city and indian smells took us to the street were we chould find us a room. if it would only be that easy…. we looked around for more than two hours before we found a cheap dorm beed, the cheapest we could find, 19 euro each… We were chocked by the high prices, 8 euro for a beer, 6 euro for “cheap” local street food. its more expensive than the luxury alph-villages like verbier and zermatt. quite alot for an asian city, and we are backpackers, hahaha…. but not to bee fooled, its cool to visit, and not that much more expensive than sweden, and it is such an experience, really!! from the airport and our dorm bed the city just kept on teasing ur around. from little india we took the mrt to orchard road, its just that didnt get to the road, we got to a huge shooping mall, which we had to find our way threw to get to orchard road. and like that we wandered around, the city was standing tall with its huge buildings, super modern subway, clean streets, calm traffic and free wifi. and there were we. but everyone around were soo much into their own world, on their ipads, on facebook, sending emails working on the subway, standing in straight lines talking in the phone with someone else.. its was like another world, like an imaginative picture of the world in 20-30 years. but it was now and we were soo amazed too see something that only had been exciting in our dreams.. but and we didint feel really a part of it. we were just there to look and envy. the photo below is our first view of singapore, the shopping mall connecting the subway to the stop, our first shot of singapore,

we were also a bit lost. for a long while.. and since everyone was doing something important and people that we asked didnt really want to help us, we decided to just jump on a bus to the east coast and see were we would end up.. on the bus, like from a shooting star, we found the cool freindly city habitants we had been looking for. James & Eelyn. James from UK  and had been living in Singapore for the past 6 years, Eeylin from Kuala Lumpor and living there. When they heard we we had done, and what we havnt they rescheduled their evening for us, and took us around the interesting parts fo the city. And WOWW! what we thought was cool, now were a thousand time cooler. and in the middle of the whole day we even get to taste the best durian we have ever had. 24 hours in singapore, here we go..


  • Det här ser ju så coolt ut att det inte är sant. En sådan här stad är verkligen något jag vill uppleva, miljontals asiater i en fulltösstad! Jag har varit i Paris, det är nog det närmsta en lysande nattstad jag har kommit, men ååh vad jag skulle vilja gå bredvid er på dessa bilder. ååå!

  • Kan ni inte skriva lite mer om singapore, typ vad man inte får missa? Bilderna är sjukt coola men säger inte så mycket om man vill hitta dit på egen hand, parken t.ex. ser riktigt fin ut. Ska själv ut och resa i asien i november så därför är det sjukt kul att läsa er blogg och få lite tips och inspiration 🙂

  • haha stort tack för en fin kommentar! det hade varit kul att ha med dig! singapore är fräckt som tusan, nästan häftigare var att åka till kuala lumpor direkt efter och jämföra skillnaden mellan städerna. de ligger typ precis bredvid varandra men är helt olika och båda har sin charm, fast att kuala lumpor har väl mer charm, och singapore mer rent, eller va man ska säg.

  • den gröna taggbollen är en durian, en asiatiskt frukt som växer på stora träd. den är jättedyr i asiatiska mått, en stor kanske kostar 40-200kr beroende på sässong, 40-60kr kanske är normalt. den innehåller sjukt mycket näring och somliga lever bara på den. den har en speciell smak som många turister inte gillar, men vi gillar den, o om man gillar den då ÄLSKAR man den!!

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