coming home

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Coming home


Me and petter have been talking about not posting any blog post about our everyday life here in Sweden anymore. Mostly because we feel it dosen’t give you or us anything, also because we think it’s boring.. But I like to show you how it is for us to come home so you can understand

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home, sweet home?

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Home, cold home. It’s sure a big contrast to the island life on Sri Lanka. But sweet too and in our apartment it’s warm and quite cosy. Nothing is as sweet as the first breakfast after some time away frome home. It’s also funny what some distance can do to your home.. We been living

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Petters 1st day


Linn went home to her sisters apartment in Ängelholm and I went home to my family’s house in Torekov. This is my first day back home, fresh air, spring, my own bed, Swedish food, friends and family.. Waaah I’ve been missing home! Absolutely awesome to be back. Woke up to a welcoming sign that mum

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