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Ericeira town. Small and super picturescue full of cafés, restaurants, little shops and people. People everywhere. Ericeira had just the southern european vibe I miss in Sweden, were people go out and enjoy, meet and socialize in town every day. For example, 9/10 locals eat their breakfast out, every day. Really like it. Loving the

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Personal space is overrated

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Sorry for letting you hang there. For a month.. Anyway, I and the boys went on a little eat-sleep?-surf mission to Portugal. There wasn’t a swell or nothing really. But we surfed 2-3 times a day for the whole week. It was like a training camp / fear and lothing in Portugal trip / surfsurfsurf

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Magic Quiver about Sunshinestories

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During our trip to Portugal we got met a new good friend, Rui, from The Magic Cuiver Surfshop in Ericeira. Even tough he worked during our week and we never go to surf together he helped us by drawing little maps to the spots and sights we should visist. So nice. He did a nive mention

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What a welcoming


After a 3,5 hour flight from Copenhagen we picked up our rental car in Lisbon, Portugal. The ride to Ericeira was supposed to be 40 minutes but turned out to be over an hour after getting lost in the Portugal road stress a few times. Finding the A8-road turned out to be hard. We were

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