New York

Christmas coffe at Andersons

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Some Torekov-people living in New York most of the time invited us for christmas coffe at their place. Julia, another friend from Torekov was also there. We baked Swedish pepparkakor, drank Swedish glögg, black coffe, ate American delivery pizza twice, overlooked central park and discussed photography. Some traditional but still americanised christmas disorder turned out

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Singapore, Travels



we walked out of the plane, took the skytrain to the immigrationcontrol, went by the super clean self-flushing toilet on the way, passed the immigration, followed the sign to the subway and missed the first train by a few seconds. on five led-flatscreens it said, new departure in less than 2 minutes. the subway took

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Restaurants, Sri Lanka



Our last day on Sri Lanka we were going to spend in the capital Colombo. We got some really good tips from our friends Holger & Totte who lived on Sri Lanka for a long time. Our plan was to buy a day pass to Galle Face Hotel and relax in their luxiouros pool just

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