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Our Bing boards


Hanging out with the Bing Surfboard team in their factory in Encinitas, San Diego was the high light of our California stay. We were able to walk around and see, feel and smell the process of perfect boards take shape, with a Pacifico Clara beer in our hand. It was harder to choose which boards

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California, Surf

The perfect San-O day


A great day at legendary San-O (San Onofre). If you go to San-O you call it a San-O day, cuz it´s such a great wave you will end up spending all day there. It´s a longboarders paradise with a wave breaking for ever from peaks all along the shore. We went there with the the

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we have found the world of the flintstones


imagine a city made of rocks, a mountain. one piece of stone that someone about two and a half thousand years ago decided to carv out buildings of. thats mamalapuram in tamil nadu, india. such an awesome place!! we really felt the presence of our old relatives living in these ancient caves, looking at their

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