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10 advices from Petter&Linn

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Not so long ago we got hired to give lectures on our blog and entrepreneurship. That felt really cool. The audience was school students in the age of 16 just about to make their first big life choice, choosing educational direction. It felt like we could give them some inspiration on how to think. Here’s 10

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Malmö, Sweden

Good Old Mornings


Aside doing this blog and stuidyng Media here in Malmö we are also running a company together, freelancing with Digital Media & Online communication. One of our bigger projects is the communication of our family restaurant and it’s really fun using our skills to reach out and communicate with our guests, especially since many of

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study evenings & our first lecture

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We have our last exams in this first class. So we are up all days and evenings studying! Petter is going to hand in his last paper tomorrow and then we’re done for a while. Thursday we are leaving to Portugal but before then we are going to have two lectures on two different highschools

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planking in tylösand

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En grym föreläsning om trender av SofiaUlver-Sneistrup. Go middag + vin. Awesome beachview of doom. Sveriges störtsa konstgalleri, bestående av nästan bara fotografisk konst. Guidad tur bland verken upphängda i korridorerna i Sveriges största hotellanläggning. Sen åberopande av en av de hetaste trenderna av alla, planking såklart. Detta minus plankingen bjöd  SHR (Svenska Hotell och Restaurang

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