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perfect dream


You are a surfer. You have a dream of a perfect world. You go to Bali. And you experience this. And it turnes out to be the dream of the dreams.. For me thats incredible.

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Sunshinestory; Helle & Tai (Single Fin Uluwatu, Pro Surfer, Musician, Graphic Designer) on Bali


Imagine one of the most beautiful places on earth. Then add a great wave, or actually waves. And of top of that; a restaurant overlooking all of it. A place where you can relax after some hardcore surf, take a healthy juice or grab a cold Bintang beer. Add a cool store with all the

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Sunshinestory; Mega Semadhi (Pro Surfer, Rusty Team Rider, Priest) on Bali


On Sri Lanka we heard about an incredible Indonesian surfer from a fellow traveller. Rumors said he was a priest and connected with god threw the sea.. Also he was probably Indonesia’s best surfer. He described him surfing and getting speed faster than anyone else and when in the tube he stood in a praying

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island hopping

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Innan vi åkte hem från Lombok så ville vi besöka Gili öarna. På dem finns inga bilar utan bara hästar och cyklar. Men det går alldeles utmärkt att ställa bilen hamnbyn Bengsal. När du kör in i byn kommer kanske några försöka “tvinga” dig till att ställa den utanför själva hamnen och ta en häst

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diving the gilis

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we went to gili islands for some awesome chillin on the beaches. i couldn’t sit still so i took the chance to go under water again. in the blue crystal clear water of the gilis. photos are from wreck diving, I also dived with mantas and sea turtles which was really incredible but unfortunately i

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padang padang

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padang padang is balis most cranking wave and it needs soo much swell to go off. the ride is super short and its just constant barreling. on bali its really cool to chill out on the beach and watch the surf (when its too big), but this day it was just mad!!

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