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one day


One day I often think of this day. I’ve had it in my mind on many yoga nidras, when they ask me to think of a place where I’m happy and free. Felt so rad when I found these pics in the archive and they’re just like I remember it. The light, the feeling. I

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pause and forward


We have had a little pause from this blog thing. We’ve been ill, had lots of stuff in school and then Petter’s family restaurant has opened it’s door to a new season. Our minds have been elsewhere. But then the other day I stood in line to pay at H&M and when it was my

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put your heart on the wall

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We’re having a hard time to decide what to put on our walls.. I want big, glossy photos but until they are ordered and arrived these photos put in a heart shape on the wall will do. I’ve been looking for “washi tape” without any success so Petter bought this tape in the hardware store.

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Sweden, Torekov

roadtrip on Bjäre


Woke up to sunlight and almost couldn’t believe my eyes, sun three days in a row? Amazing! Petter had the day off and we went on a small road trip on our beloved Bjäre peninsula. Waffles on Våffelstugan, then a stroll in the harbor of Båstad before some serious beach hang out. Trying to come

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After a night out in Båstad, celebrating the opening of the skatepark and then ending up at the nightclub Pepes with some fantastic people, our yesterday was… maybe the worst hangover day by so far! 35 celcius, and I had to work a few hours in a warm office before we both managed to sneak

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rights and lefts

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The summer has come to Sweden. Flowering flowers reminds me of my childhood and the wait for summer holidays. Taking the bus to swimming school, the sound of tennis balls hitting the clay on the tennis courts, happy dogs running around with happy kids. I’m just getting ready to soak up some sun on my

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Sunshinstories Family, Sweden

sunny love


This is my sister Sunna, I’ve been missing her like crazy these past months! I am so happy to have a sister like her, a best friend that I have grown up with, that knows the most embarrasing things in my life and all the things I am proud of. Someone I can laugh and

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Mexico, Surf

trying to touch the nose for you


I love this place! Nothing beats a lineup screaming and whistling of joy for each other. They call this place Ladylongboardlandia. A lineup filled with pure aloha, and how much we learned surfing with some of the world’s best surfers, thank you for some amazing days! Also a big thank you to Margaret & Matt

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