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pause and forward

We have had a little pause from this blog thing. We’ve been ill, had lots of stuff in school and then Petter’s family restaurant has opened it’s door to a new season. Our minds have been elsewhere. But then the other day I stood in line to pay at H&M and when it was my turn the shop assistant shined up.

“It’s you! From Sunshinestories. Your blog is so inspring”.

She blushed and apologized for being embarrassing.

You weren’t embarrassing, you just made me remember why we are doing this thing and it’s just that. To inspire people. To inspire them, you, to follow your dreams. If travelling for four years with your love is what makes you feel alive, then do it. If applying for uni is it, then do that. Learn surfing? Do it! Fell the adrenaline through your veins in a bungy jump, do it. Or just moving to an apartment of your own. Whatever dream you have you are obliged to fulfill it. It’s gonna be more of that on this blog; how we manage to do what we love.





5 responses to “pause and forward”

  1. This world needs your blog!! Thank you for keeping it alive!! And don’t feel bad for taking a break from it every once in a while, you deserve it! Take care, hope to see you soon:)

  2. Oh Linn,

    Hahah now i blushed again 🙂

    Was so nice meeting you!I was truely amazed by this little random conversation!
    Hope you will stop by H&M soon again


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