Sweden, Torekov

roadtrip on Bjäre

Woke up to sunlight and almost couldn’t believe my eyes, sun three days in a row? Amazing! Petter had the day off and we went on a small road trip on our beloved Bjäre peninsula. Waffles on Våffelstugan, then a stroll in the harbor of Båstad before some serious beach hang out. Trying to come up how we should do this fall/winter, travel or start university? I’ve had my mind set on uni but now things are a bit different.. We’ll see what’s happens. Ate some delicious sourdough baguettes with sea food before heading back home to Torekov. Great day, just the two of us.

8 responses to “roadtrip on Bjäre”

  1. Do you guys even work? Love your blog though!

    With friendly greatings from Holland.

  2. we work ALOT! Can show you in a blog post what we do if you’re interested? 🙂 Thanks for the friendly greetings!

  3. Linn, you look so lovely here! Amazing pictures as always and your dress, bag and sunglasses are a perfect beach outfit. For the record, I think that you and Petter should choose TRAVEL! If you want, you and Petter can come and visit me and my boyfriend on our sailboat!

  4. Thank you so much M.E! You really put a smile on my lips this gray swedish morning! How cute you are! Would love to come visit you guys one day!

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