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Familjen Trädgårdh har sjukt bra musiksmak och Lukas tipsade mig precis om ett band som kommer bli sommarns favoriter. Mhhm, kolla in deras uppträdande på Letterman, jag kan inte låta bli att le och får nästan gåshud. Edward and the Magnetic Zeros, my friends! Låten Home tillägnar jag min kära.

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camps bay

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Camps Bay is situated on the hills of Table Mountain, facing the big blue sea. With mighty Lion’s Head to the right and a never ending coastline to the left. The town is winding roads framed with lush verdure and luxurious villas ending at the seaside with a boulevard. And the light, oh buddha, look

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the reds


when we got the bangkok again the other day we got straight into the demonstrations. redshirts everywhere and a hell of a crazy mess. pretty scary with humves driving around everywhere and military armed with machineguns in every intersection. so the italian girl we shared a cab with freaked out. and the taxidriver wanted to

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