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African light


A beautiful evening in Camps bay, South Africa. A warm light and a super cold ocean, like the country itself; filled with contrasts. More beauty and more sorrow than your eyes can take. Pics from the winter months we spent there 2010.

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wanna wake up to this?

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Yes please! Safari on the savannas of South Africa, sleeping in tents to the sounds of the baboons, game drives with lions and the other fellows of big 5. Now, almost two years later it feels like it was a dream.. We stayed with amazing Haggard & Brand who run the Quatermain’s camp.

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merry christmas


Me and Petter are celebrating Christmas home in Sweden for the first time in two years. It’s also the first Christmas without each other in two years.. As we speak I’m on a bus going to north Sweden to met up my family. I love the the snow. But the chaos it cause is extreme.

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letade efter en bild men hittade två andra med samma namn. den ena tagen utanför dörren i våras någon dag efter fölning, och den andra på en “inte din väg” i en kåkstad i kapstaden. kameran räknar nämligen om vid 10.000 exponeringar. och just de här två är lite speciella, för mig iaf, laddade med lite

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