a little dream coming true

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My friend Julia made her own bread last week and it tasted so good. You know bread so good that you just can’t stop eat it? That good. She promised it wasn’t hard and gave me the recipe. It has always been a little dream of mine, to make my own bread, so I tried.

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Sunshinstories Family, Sweden

sunny love


This is my sister Sunna, I’ve been missing her like crazy these past months! I am so happy to have a sister like her, a best friend that I have grown up with, that knows the most embarrasing things in my life and all the things I am proud of. Someone I can laugh and

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Sunshinstories Family



Celebrating the weekend with my beautiful sister, her amazing pancakes and some chocolate. Because I’m worth it! Been an exiting week, we got so much going on with the blog! And it’s just a month til we’re off to New York! Yaij! Älskar fredagar! Älskar min syrra! Haft en rolig fredag på mitt roliga jobb,

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