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surf’s up!

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Here’s a few shots from last weekend going back home for some real autumn freshness, and surf. Perfect light and surf, I love my home.. It even started hailing & almost snowing when I went out for my evening session. It was cold enough for it to stay white until the next day when I

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surfing sweden

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It’s august and the autumn stormes are on their way. People are sad that the summer is coming to an end, the precious swedish summer.. Everyone but the surfers. Us. We are so stoked. The other day we got to taste on some good westerly winds, me, nick and kioskar surfed one of my favorite

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good morning swell


Woke in another amazing surf hotel we’ve got to stay at. If the place was super nice, the waves where super duper super wooohaaa nice! The outside reef was pumping and it was stand up barrel time!

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The mexican wave machine


This is Puerto Escondido, the mexican wave machine aka the “mexican pipeline” . It´s a beach brake that gets overhead and tubing with NO swell.. The swell was about 2ft when these images where shot. If you wanna have a look at hard core surf you should definitely go here cuz i haven’t seen a

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Locals only


This is one of those places that only exists in dreams. It´s a hidden little village along the high way one with no signs left saying it even exists. At first we tought the locals in the town must be mad at the locals at the surf for taking the signs down all the time

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the gigantic swell hits tahiti

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The gigantic swell stroke tahiti as aspected yesterday eveneing.. And god damn… Some of the biggest waves during the 13 years of the competition, cred to the surfers who tow in these waves, most of them soo hard to make..

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