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A creative life is a healthy life

I just read this article about how important creativity is for a healty life and it made me think of these beautiful, creative kids. Creativity and a mind that can look and think outside of the box might be one of the most important qualities to bring from our childhood to our adult life. Traveling have really help me keep my mind open. To be fortunate enough to meet different cultures where my “don’ts” suddenly turned in to “do’s”. Eating with my hands in India, Petter wearing sarongs in Indonesia, talk to everyone you meet like most Americans do, eat stinky fruits and realize it’s tasty in Malaysia makes me feel more open to everything, to life!


  • och jag och sunna älskar att vara med dem!! Hoppas jag ska plugga i Malmö området i framtiden, då hade vi kunnat ses OFTA! 🙂

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