hi you

Are you still checking in here? I really wanna post here more often, but.. Time is flying, our house is full of wonderful people, people at home to keep in touch with, there’s grass to cut, waves to surf, studies that should be done, work that should be done, webshops that should be up and running, cool photoshoots to do, a life to live, a relationship to nourish. And this morning I just couldn’t get out of bed, my head was pounding my body was aching. I even feel bad for writing this.. Cause what more can I ask for? I got it all. Even a mouse in the toilett and a 1,5 meter monitor lizard in the garden (don’t even ask..)

Laying in our courtyard writing this. It’s just me and the dog home. Silence. The sky above my head. Full moon. Homemade coconut milk and raw cacao smoothie. Feeling for the first time in a long time, instead of being out and about. Eating dinners, drinking happy hour, surfing most waves.

What more can I ask for? I think what I need is balance. A everyday life. A kind of routine. Whaat, I bet you’re thinking. Yes, you, or at least I, need routine in paradise too.. Starting tomorrow.



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