I’m the kind of person who looks for signs everywhere. Small indications on which path to walk or which puppy to choose. Today in my inbox I got one mail who was reminding to answer on my university admission and one mail about a couple who traveled for 23 years..

Can you imagine being on the road for 23 years? I get homesick after six months.. I’m not a nomad in the sense that I have to keep on moving all the time. I like being in the same place. My favorite stops on our trips was the ones when we stayed a long time in one country, like South Africa for 2,5 months and Bali for 3 months. And I love coming home, even though I don’t have an own room or an own apartment and all my stuff are in boxes in different storage rooms, I love coming home. One thing traveling has tought me, is that it’s not the stuff and things that matters. It’s the people. And it will always be the people. But the more I travel, the more people I get to know abroad. I could spend all the time I’ve been out traveling again on visiting all the people we’ve met. The more I travel the more I feel at home everywhere, I understand how some vagabonds get stuck in traveling forever, but traveling have also made me appreciate Sweden in a way I didn’t think was possible.. “People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.” It’s true in many ways. Read more about the traveling couple here, Gunther and Christine Holtorf, Christine unfortunately died 2010 but Gunther kept on going in their Mercedes G-Wagen.


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