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me gusta

Inspired by my dear friend Isabel, here’s a list of what i appreciate most in my life right now.
the sun – fish taco’s – a macho mexican who gave me his crucifix nacklace for protection – pink nail polish – not knowing what day it is – the scent of surf wax – Arizona Ice té – to wake up with the sun – stripes of gold in my hair -to paddle against a big wave and the jump when you get over it – stray dogs that greet you when you get up from surf – internet – the mexican version of Petter with mustache; Pedro – white clean, sheets – a cold shower – this – sitting on a bus not knowing where your final destination really is – my hair when I wash it for the first time in like one and a half week – mexican beer – my amazing family back home who support our curiosity of the world – my new surfboard -all our new friends – all our old friends – guacamole – to make myself understood in spanish – snickers – the reversed Malibu wave we’re surfing now and all the amazing girls in that lineup – aloe vera – Kristy’s margaritas – bikini’s


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