things I love right now

❤ Isabels annual birthday bash ❤ that the sun is shining ❤ powerwalks with my best spotify lists ❤  wine and cheese ❤ my dog ❤ to see  the “view from the office” pics from  Margaret @ Bing ❤ G Swensons new homepage ❤  summer in Torekov ❤ to work and make money ❤  that Petter and I got in to university ❤ that Isabel and I are in the same country ❤ edited pictures that never have been blogged  ❤ my amazing sister who cooks amazing food to me ❤  cameras ❤ when Petter gets home 5 am and hugs me ❤ that I have the extreme luxury to decide by myself if I want to study this autumn or travel ❤ idus+robin+idus sister ❤ when people comes forward and say that they read our blog ❤ that my brother calls to check if we got in to uni and if we want to take over his apartment ❤ champagne  ❤  family ❤ when someone tumblr’s our pictures and link to us ❤ that a new pair of Ancient Greek Sandals soon arrives to my casa ❤  that some fantastic persons we met on our last trip are coming to Sweden this fall!  ❤


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