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Our guide to Seminyak

We recently came back from our trip to Bali. This time we spent most of our time in Seminyak, indulging in all the good food & popular culture the area had to offer, and WOW! It’s such a Mecca for foodies. Really, I can’t think of any place in the world that has that much, and to that competitive prices. Before i could never understand how one could choose to live in Seminyak in comparison to somewhere on the beautiful bukit peninsula, but now, we totally can.

We put together this little guide with some of the best places that we visited. It does by far not cover all the places, but theses ones are true gems, we promise!

The Colony Hotel

We loved this hotel. Such a pretty place and the service and the rooms were fab. What’s top is the location, The Colony Hotel is situated right in the midst of the best part of Seminyaks shopping and eating heaven, and since we were in Seminyak to do exactly that, this place was a gem. The perfect getaway to have a swim or a nap in between the eating and shopping.


Sea Circus

Sea Circus quickly became our favorite joint in Seminyak. Because a joint is exactly what it is, it’s just a small very simple shack but they serve the most amazing breakfast, the best coffees around it the whole shack is just so throughly styled and so is the food, which is delicious. The staff is always spot on, friendly and service minded. We came back, every day..

Single Fin Bali

Our good friends Helle & Tai started the successful lifestyle concept, Single Fin Bali 4 years ago now. Their man shop/bar/restaurant is in Uluwatu, but now they also have a branch in Seminyak well worth to check out to stock the latest surf gear and clothes.

Deus ex Machina

Deus is a really cool surf/moto lifestyle brand. These guys build custom bikes, design clothes, collaborate with surfboard builders and shred some great waves in indo. They have two locations in Seminyak and their biggest one, The Deaus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu. Well worth a visit!

Lello Lello Gelato

OMG this ice cream.. No words needed. Go there, eat it.

Magali Pascal

Dreamy dresses, blouses and skirts mixed with leather goods and some pretty jewelry from LeeLoo Bird Jewelry. Much more affordable prices in store than on their homepage.  Love the fitting rooms and their helpful staff. Three stores, on Oberoi, Petitinget and Jalan Seminyak.

Spring Spa

Spring Spa is a concept from New Zealand and I just happened to run into their beautiful oasis on Jl. Petitinget. (Next to Magali Pascal and Lulu Jasmine) You can find cheaper places for sure, but this spa uses only Bliss products and nail polishes like OPI, Essie etc. Also the vibe of the whole place is so relaxing and cool. Did my first facial ever: The Bliss instant radiance oxygen. Did wonders for my skin. And a wax, pedi and mani. Then I felt like a princess.


Smokehouse BBQ

Tough pricey this Texas Barbequed meet was worth a feast, OMG so good after months on Sri Lanka with barely any good meat

Bali Boat Shed

This super instagrammy store does not only look cool from outside, but hold a great selection of trunks, tees, shirts for men but also dresses and bikinis for the girls, it’s situated right next to Sea Circus & The Colony Hotel in the corner of jalan kayu aya and jalan petitenget


Potato Head Beach Club

Potato head is a giant beach club with two different restaurants and I think there’s like four big bars. The bars and restaurants are spread around a big lawn and a massive swimming pool overlooking the ocean in Seminyak. A great place to grab a beer or something to eat during the sunset session on sundays!

Café Bali

This place seems to have been an institution for quite a while and was really busy when we was there. The food was good and the ambience great!

Merah Putih

We had one of our best meals in Seminyak at this fine dining indonesian restaurant! A great visit if you fancy something fancy.



Petittengets philosophy is “from farm to fork”, and it means that they try and collect their supplies around Bali as much as possible, and cook them as simply as possible. Their menu is international, and the food is… Great! This bistro is as good as any of the top restaurants in any big city around the world. And that’s what we love so much about eating out in Seminyak, you can have anything from anywhere in any price range, and it’s 99% of the times, awesome. And it almost never be pricey in comparison of what you’re getting, the quality is just sooo good!

Brown Feather Hotel

Brown Feather is a small boutique hotel on Batu Belig, a little bit outside the busy center of Seminyak, but still really close to were the action is. From the 2nd floor plants linger down to a pool situated in a small quartyard. This hotel as a really cosy feeling, almost like a home away from home, with a nice kitchen and nice lounge areas were you sit down and eat breakfast, just like in a “big home”. The only thing that we didn’t enjoy was the brekkie, feels disappointing to eat a breakfast included in the room price that isn’t up to standard to the hotel rooms nor the amenities, especially not when you know how great the breakfasts on the nearby restaurants are… But any way, we highly recommend this place!

Watercress Café

Further down on Batu Belig you have Watercress café. It’s an expat metropol, and we can tell why. Tasty sallads. That’s it. Well they have more good things, like great coffé from Revolver, but it’s the salads that makes it all. You can choose your own salad up front at the cashier, and their ingredients are just amazing. Highly recommend this café for lunch or breakfast!

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