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Surfing Medawatta Sri Lanka

Medawatta is a great longboard wave on the most southern part of Sri Lanka, just outside of Matara. It’s kind of a hidden gem and a bit hard to find, but expect good peelers and a few peakes that spread the crowd out, beacuse it’s starting to get quite crowded already compared to the last few years when we could surf it on our own..



the crew, stoked to pull up to small peelers






linn setting up for a noseride



the beach is really pretty, a bit different than other sri lankan beaches with big sand dunes and not much sunbeds and other ugly things on the beach, yet, it is changing fast down here


so proud of my sis!! brought her out on my log and she was killing it, riding blue water waves, surfing without a leash, and just going for it. she even walked the board!!

just love this one, she knee surf the wave and laughing her balls off because it’s a new move.. and then there that guy next to her that nosedive, hilarious!!




Life style shots: ricko lundgreen + my dad

Watershots: Melcior


  • Hi! I was in Sri lanka a couple of months ago and met linn when we were surfing out the front of the little local restaurant in midigama. Linn said she got some shots of me surfing! Totally stoked if she did I never have had a good photo of me surfing! I was seeing by any chance you could send them to me? Would be so so so grateful. Id love to show my dad what I was doing! I can’t remember the name of the little place but the young guy does surf lessons and they made us yummy curries for lunch 🙂

  • aloha from maui, hawaii, my name is ryan 🙂
    I L-O-V-E your blog, so gorgeous

    just got invited to come surf the maldives this august… so stoked
    dreamin about coming early & spending a week or so in sri lanka on my way there

    here (in hawaii) i teach coconut classes to tourist, make coconut milk for farmers markets and make my own coconut oil
    see video –
    im hoping to surf & connect with some local coconut orchards
    learn more about planting coconuts on LARGE scale & explore

    was wondering if u could point me in the right direction
    any & all help would be greatly appeciated?
    hope the surf is firing & your are well
    much love & respect -ryan

  • Hi guys! I’m coming to Sri Lanka in mid May until early June, do you reckon it’s worth checking out the surf around Matara – Tangalle weather wise? Will it be too stormy/dangerous by then or..? Appreciate any info!

    Your blog is beautiful, lucky I found it! Greetings from Finland where the spring is only just starting..

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