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Napa Valley

Driving into Napa Valley and tasting a cabarnet sauvignon from right where it´s made has been a dream of mine since I discovered the world of wines. I found my love to the reds in that grape, from this place, and from the winemaker we visited. I´ve been selling these wines at our family restaurant in Torekov for the past few years and have had the luxury opportunity to try a few sip´s then and there when checking the bottles if they´re OK..

The weekend in Napa was more than a wow expereience! WOOW.

Joseph Phelps Backus Cabernet Sauvignon. And the Insignia.. Mmmmhh.

We wanted to meet Bill & Joe Phelps themselfes and got guided to a private tasting in a room behind the kitchen. Just when we got into the reds someone opened the door and there was Bill. More about that meeting you´ll see later..


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