image bomb

If I would have edited a picture per day this post only would have been enough for two months.  But I don’t, or we don’t, both of us work with our photos and this blog with one camera each and one computer each, every day.

And we do it cuz we love it. This is so much fun.

Check this day out for example, how can you not want to share this excperience?

All of the images below are from the same day, we thought we wanted to experience some local maya life which is very rich around lago de atitlan, so we decided to go around the lake in one day. We took the boat between a few villages, walked through some and a crazy tuktuk through most of them. Pretty much all of the images are shot from the tuktuk as well as we spent most of the time in it haha, that way we got to see as much as possible before taking the last boat home. We also got the opertunity to sneak up to people and snap their photo before they knew what was going on. The tuktuk driver thought this was so much fun, laughed so hard and joined the game.


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