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Surf Shack Hamburgare Malmö

Tried this newly opened hamburger place in Malmö called Surf Shack! It’s the second american style burger place in town (after casual street food) and there will be more believe me, because the proper made hamburger boom is here to stay. Surf Shack is situated a short stroll from Lilla Torg in the most central parts of Malmö. The price picture of food and drinks is low or even lower than casual street food and definitely lower than the restaurants around Lilla Torg.

They make all their patties of freshly ground beef chuck from a local shop in town. They make their own buns together with ‘& Bröd’. They make their own dressings. Their own fries. Everything is made from the ground without preservatives they way it should be.

The family run business of Surf Shack recently moved from the beach side in Vellinge were they used to have a surf shack. You can tell that these guys have been eating loads of good burgers in the states because they know what they are doing. But personally I don’t like their burgers as much as Casual Street food. I din’t know why, maybe the bun is to big compared to the burger or there was to little dressing but there was something. Also I don’t envy pickled cucumber on a burger which the ones at Surf Shack have. But I’ll be back for a second try.. But the atmosphere and the service was way more nicer than the one of Casual Street Food which we think is pretty low.

A big recommendation if you’re up for a good burger!







  • Kul när ni testar restauranger i Malmö, fortsätt gärna publicera liknande inlägg 🙂

  • Tack för kommentaren! Bra att veta det vi gillar ju mat så det blir nog fler 🙂

  • Blev magsjuk när jag hade ätit en burgare här häromdan, går aldrig dit längre. Burgarna på casual är så mycket bättre!

  • Blev magsjuk efter att ha käkat en burgare här, går aldrig dit längre och råder er andra till att inte göra det heller. Finns godare burgare i stan!

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