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Copenhagen – New York

Stress! Is the word I would use to describe yesterday morning. Petter were leaving from his house and I was leaving from mine, to get on the same train that would take us the airport. That didn’t happen. It ended up with Petter’s family driving us to Malmo instead (close to Copenhagen airport where our plane was departing from). I had dewy-eyed farewell from my sister and dad (and mum on the phone from Norway). Jumped in the car with Petter’s family and from there everything actually went as planned and the word I would use to describe the rest of the trip is; awesome!

Met up with our sweet friend Wenche at the airport, saw an awesome sunset in Copenhegen (europe’s way of saying goodbye i think), saw Big Ben and London Eye when we circled over London waiting for permission to land, missed our connecting flight in London but got upgraded to Premium Class (Halleluja!), went in to USA without any fuss, took a yellow cab to Manhattan and slept our first night in our awesome apartment.


More photos to come! Now we have to run out on town to buy a converter to our charger!

9 responses to “Copenhagen – New York”

  1. Alltså tusan vad era bilder jämt är så klara och färgstarka (och otroligt skarpa)! Vad använder ni för objektiv?
    Är det någon ur canons L-serie?

    Eller redigerar ni bilderna på nåt speciellt sätt så allt framträder så fantastiskt?

    Jag älskar era bilder, och jag har sagt det förr men säger det igen: Ni verkar vara helt underbara!

  2. Hej Alexandra! Alltid lika kul med dina kommentarer 🙂 Petter har två stycken objektiv ur L-serien, 24-70 och 70-200 och sen har vi ett 50 mm 1,8. Hm, det är nog en bra blandning av allt. Men vi skärper upp bilderna rätt mycket. Tusen tack!

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