Last evening cocktail

We celebrated our last night with a cocktail at the rooftop bar.

This trip has been so awesome. From living at Wall street in NYC to our rental car trunk in California, to hostels and bamboo bungalows in Mexico to the mountains and ruins in Guatemala to all the amazing surf front properties we have shooting down south in El Salvador and onwards. We have been surfing almost every day, from  legendary breaks in CA like San-O to Mexicos long pointbreaks to El Salavodors even longer ones, to Nicaraguas powerful barreling reefbreaks to Costa ricas perfect beach breaks. It has been awesome. We are stoked beeing able to do travel like this, in fact so stoked it will be hard to think of a life not doing it. We will be back on the road very soon, promise.

But we won’t stop blogging just because the trip has ended.. Back home we live in a little pituresque fishing village in south of Sweden with the best possible swedish surf nearby. Join us and check out why we love our home so much!

Thanks everyone for following us, you guys are great.

Now to the cocktail at Manrey, perfect ending x 1000.


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