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wedding number two, stina & kalle

now i have acted wedding photographer a second time. last time i took mia & packe to our kitesurfingmecca lagan since i have been there alo, its a really cool place t and i know the potential of the environment there. this time stina & kalle made a proposal about another place, and their suggestion is an even more amazing kitesurfing spot. people from all over sweden come here when the conditions are good, which they often are. we were all very nervous, the weather and the light was changing drastically and i mean, they were getting married within one or two hours..

but its more to this place then the great reefbreak, its something magical about it…

but on my way back home when i had taken the photos i felt even more nervous, at this point my time was out i i know i couldnt do more and it felt really strange. and i had exactly the same feeling after the last wedding aswell. but after i plugged in the camera and transferred the photos to my computer i saw it was all good.

the magic of “the valley” worked well on photos together with the magic between stina & kalle.


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