South africa

coffebay road

this road deserves its own post. not beacouse its great scenery, even if it is pretty cool. its because of how shitty it is. the area of all the potholes it has is probably bigger then the area of the reamaining road. and there is so much people trying to make a living on the road, with the road or ON the road. there is the kids with shovels filling up the potholes and hitting towards the cars to get theis part of the deal. we called them the roadtax kids. the farmers with their animals running loose all over the road. the fruitsellers. the football kids. the taxidrivers, which probably are the worst by the way.

the first time it took us about 3 hours to go the 80 kilometers towards the coast. thats a speed less than 30 km/h. the taxidrivers probably kept a minimum speed of 100 km/h throughout the whole stretch. we thought the animals and people on the road was dangerous in all the traffic but we was so wrong. the taxidrivers was the real danger. because of the potholes we had to drive sicksack and the taxis where passing us on both sides without reducing thier speed at all. and on top of that it felt like we where driving the wrong way all the time. the road went up and down, back and forth, to the north and to the south, to the east and to the west, it went everywhere but to to ocean.

and yeh, we had to drive the whole road back and forth two times cuz where we arrived they had no such thing as an atm.












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