South africa


since the hostel in hogsback turned out to be more and more fucked up we left asap. three days away from the coast felt like a month and when we drove down the dirt roads to chintsa it was such a relief to see the view of the ocean again. and to get in the water without a wetsuit and surf the hot currents of the indean ocean was just so sweet! here they only have one backpackers and its called “the buccaners”. On the hills in the jungle they have put up their own little village of huts. Netsling down to the beach you find som really cool chillout places, a club, a poolarea with poolbar, a pingpongtable, a pooltable, a volleyball court, their own shop with filled with african stuff, a reastaurant and so on. It was a really cool family-driven place where everyone was engaged in some part of the buisiness. We camped at their brand new camping spot in the middle of the jungle with outdoor showers, a great kitchen and a nice hut to chill in. We met some awesome people who later turned up to follow us between the different places.. this is the place where we changed from living on pasta and tomatosauce to almost only feed on the traditional african dish milli-pop. just like the swedish “mannagrynsgröt” but way cheaper. 5 kilos was only about 5 krones i think. and yeah thats the reason we started to feast on it. chintsa was great. we hade monkeys throwing themselfes between the treetops over our tent and birds wakening us up in the morning. at the last evening we got our first sight of the most amazing sky ever. ive heard the sky in south africa is filled with stars. heard something that there is a million more visible stars here than in sweden. but man.. there was just sooo many stars! there was stars and galaxys everywhere! pretty awesome!














  • hejsan, det skulle vara kul att veta ved ni fotar med, objektiv, kamera?
    chilla på och ha det gott!

  • Wow vilken resa ni är på!!!! Så fantastiskt!
    Men, när ni väl kommer hem,,, så är vardagen tillbaka, kampen om överlevnad och arbete så man kan leva.
    Men nu ska inte tänka på det utan bara njuta så in i helvete!!! Ta vara på varje sekund,,,

    Trist att ni missade Alex’s partaj, det var grymt. Ni får fira det sen när ni kommer hem.

    Var försiktiga där borta.


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