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dads dream

im sitting here at a beach on bali. a beach made of millions of black, ball shaped, stones in various sizes. they work as free reflexology. im hurt. i got a big scratch on my shoulder and i cant surf for a few days. instead i enjoy spicy indo food and i watch great waves roll for a couple of hundred meters. then they smash into the black stones. i think. i think about alot of things. i think about south africa. i think about the great journey we had back there.

after road tripping the wildcoast visiting amazing remote places we got back to jbay. we threw a crazy party and early the day after me and linn, with the help of philo took the two small kia picantos and went to the airport in port elisabeth to meet up with the rest of the family. we were going to continue our south african journey together.

for as long as i remember my dad have had a dream about a trip to africa. to go on a real safari with the whole family. to see the big five. to visit all the great wineries in south africa whose wines he loves. now both me and my brother got girlfriends. and the way my parents see it they make the family more whole then ever.

this year mum and dad got the opportunity to make the trip real. they invited us all to come along on the big dream. we were going to travel around south africa. we were going to visit all the famous wineries mum and dad are working with. we were going to go on that great safari.

but never could we imagine that this journey could be as great as it turned out to be. it was greater than all the dreams. it was not something on a movie. we where there. we where doing it. we were living it. it was now. it was it. we were it. it was brilliant.

i will never forget the happiness i saw in dad.





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