Sri Lanka

Towards the riviera

The monsun started pouring. Apparently it’s all across the island at the moment. Heavy rain for three full days. All the lagoons are now filled up. The waterfalls start pouring. Several earth sleds have occurred that you might have read about in the news. Some hundred people are buried under the earth masses. And the seasons starts to change. We haven’t been in any danger and the rain has kept us in inside, waves have been small anyway. Adam, one of the owners on Sea Horse said there’s usually about three monsoons and they go on for about three days. We waited this one out, and then went for the other side.

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Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_6057

Got up early morning and started the drive down south. It’s not that far on the map, the road is good and there’s not much traffic, but it’s the windingness and several detours  inland that make it take soo much time. And the elephants of course.

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_0338

The road goes through the whole Yala National Park. Not that it’s much different from Arugam Bay that is just as wild.. But we can’t get enough of the elephant sights, they are just so cool to watch

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6274

It’s hard to complain when it’s so beautiful. Good music in the speakers (yes this car has an aux stereo) and the road ahead, love roadtrips!

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6186

Watch out for …. !

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6187

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_3017

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6214

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6288

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6321

Obligatory duct tape car repair in the making

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6217

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6226

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6232

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6256

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6268

Fruite time

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6291

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6296

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6310

Of course we got a flat tire as well. The tires of this car is so old it was just a matter of time. Typical Sri Lankan go as long as it lasts mentality from the rental company..

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_0374

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6251

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_0361

There’s nothing that beats the evening light in the south. It’s burnt orange color enlightens the last hour before sunset so nicely.

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_0380

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_0384

WE MADE IT TO OUR NEW HOME! All in all the drive took 7 hours with a few stops and it is a really easy drive actually.

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6345

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6353

We have been longing to move into this villa since the first day we saw it. It’s so pretty and all the good waves are just minutes around us. Now we are going to live here for at least 6 months and then maybe head back to the east coast a bit before heading to Sweden over the summer. Good times waiting…

Sri Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6363


  • Sho! Ni verkar verkligen ha det supergött! Jag ska själv ner till Sri lanka först 2 veckor nu näsa vecka och sedan en månad efter jul. Funderar också på att hyra ett hus då efter jul, har ni några tips och vad kan det kosta? Tacksam för tips! Ses i lineupen

  • Tjena Nils! Om du är här redan så välkommen ner. Lättast är att fråga runt eller kolla på nätet, kommer inte ihåg namnen men finns några blocket liknande sidor. Vi hur ut rum i vårt hus om du inte vill letar efter ett helt eget hus. Annars känner vi till ett najs hus som e helt nybyggt typ 10mintuktuk innanför unawatuna om det är av intresse

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