Sri Lanka

until the fireworks boom

Party til the fireworks boom at Vibration Party Hotel in Hikkaduwa.



Petter in his second prototype of his line of board shorts coming out soon. And a pair of awesome Monokel Eyewear.













  • Hi Petter and Linn

    I caught a glimpse of your Instagram images after you liked a few of mine the other day, also from Sri Lanka ,which led me to your blog. I have to say I find it incredibly inspiring!
    I love travelling, and currently photograph on a cruise ship but just feel it isn’t enough. So am trying to save enough money to start off in Newzealand and feel like your blog has just inspired me to do it, seeing that this lifestyle really is achievable.
    Your photos are amazing and just had to say how good I thought the blog was.
    If you had any words of wisdom about how you do what you do, my mind would be like a sponge to it.

    Have safe future travels


  • Hi Maisie,

    Thank you so, so much for your wonderful comment. Both me and Petter were like “Did you read that comment?!” Thank you so much for taking your time writing to us, it made us super happy and a comment like yours reminds us why we still blog. My wises advice.. I always dreamt of travelling the world, coming from a super small vilage in Sweden where most people get married and get kids at 23 and never leave the town. But I always dreamt of something else and thinking those dreams could be true is what got me here with so many stamps in my passport and beautiful memories from people and beaches from all over the world. You already started in your mind with planning a little thought in your head about New Zeeland and you know what, I’m sure you’ll get there! You can do whatever you like, that’s the beauty in this world. All my best, Linn

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