Friends, Sweden

det er for vildt

so crazy our byebye-days have been. a few weeks ago ben, a new zealand guy we hanged out with in jbay last year told us that he his older brother were going to come to sweden this january. so we rescheduled our flights and showed them around a little in our world, talked about the rest of the world and had loads and loads of laughs. we wanted to show that torekov is more than i quiet olf fishing village, so we threw a little party just to say good bye to some old friends, meet some new and dance our asses off. byebye evening with the big SA family on wednesday, ben and sam came on thursday evening, party was friday evening, bye bye dinner at my place saturday, bjäre tour on the day, bye bye lunch at linns place sunday, leave the NZ:s, flight leaving sunday afternoon. Wow, not hectic at gall, and thats probably also why we are so stoked now, on the go, with the stress let away.

thanks for the greatest last days in sweden everyone! and ben and sam, totally awesome dudes good luck with the ice, dishwashing machines, chile merlot and dark streets lightened with streetlights!! they are by the way heading north, to åre, norway and finland. if anyone sitting up there, watching here, and feel for lending out a bed or a floor and get to chillout with two NZ dudes just place a comment here. they hit each other alot but they wont bite, and we warn you for their drinking games, totally at your own risk. cheers!


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