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Farmers Market Torekov

Last year we started a kind of Farmers Market here in Torekov. The plan was to make a venue for local producers and exciting foodies, add some live music and serve good food in a pop up restaurant by Petter’s parents. We got the idea from Capetwown, South Africa, from a place called Old Biscuit Mill. This year we’re doing it again for four times, every sunday in July.

I have been working with this since march and this time the hardest part was has been to gather all the producers. July is a busy month for everyone on this little peninsula we live on. We have around 10 different vendors for each time, some the same, some different! Cheese producers, local greens, the Malmö based liquorice company and many more!

The first market for this summer will be tomorrow (!!) I’m so nervous. Will anyone come? Will people like it? If you’re in the area please swing by. Free parking, no entrance. There will be lunch; pulled pork wrap, shrimps & aioli & salads. A lot of oysters, Champagne, local apple juice.

Check out the hompage here: Facebook-page: Instagram: @farmersmarkettorekov








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