one night in bangkok

or rather five nights.. this is a crazy, crazy town and all the smog, shopping, heat and stress is making me dizzy and extremly tired. can’t wait to go to a paradise island and just exhale.

today we have left busy kahosan road, who is just like the name says chaotic. okej det dar skamtet funkade kanske bara pa svenska.. kaos ni vet. kanske ska jag folja isabels rad och skriva pa svenska? haha. we now live in a area who is much more “real” and we are practically the only farangs here.

Thewa, our friend from sweden, is acting guide and interpreter and everything really runs more smoothly when he speaks thai! from cheaper taxis to a better table at a resturant.. His whole family has opened their arms and are so eaxtremly friendly and helpful! Our plans now is to go to Thewas mum, who lives two hours from bangkok, and then continue to koh samet where i hope to find white beaches and smooth water. after that we might to go to Laos and maybe kambodja. We met two young swedes yesterday who had each one bar in kamboja. crazy! right know everything seems possible!

I miss my family and friends at home like crazy!! especially when I get sweet, sweet emails from my little sister and sees pictures from my friend Alex’s birthday party!! wish i was there! even tough my “here” is pretty damn sweet right now!

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