South africa

wineries of south africa

YEES! i got an internet connection. hav’nt been able to use my macbook since my charger broke. and a new one in SA is 1200 SEK so YES i will have to wait and buy a one in bangkok instead.. but no worries now.. cuz we are flying there tomoooorow!!

about or week in the winelands in southafrica. its been just soooo amazing! we have been to alot of interesting wineries in stellenbosch, hermanus, franschoek, swartland, darling, paarl and so on.. we have been tasting wine from the coolest little farms wich are really down to earth to the big and internationally known ones that are creating the really big wines. some examples of the wineries we have been to is hamilton russel, boekenhoutskloof, reuneke, blaauwklippen, groote post, lammershoek and more. and even the big famous wineries feel so small and real once you get there. when you walk threw the field eating the sauvignon blanc in the sun, when you feel the newharvested grapes just before pressing or when you sit down and talk to the winemakers themselfes.. when we visited Johan reuneke the owner and the winemaker even wanted to take us for a surf to show us his homespots! and this guy does make some of the best wines in the country. yes, we have found alot of interesting things to bring home. but the most funny thing for the two of us is probably to get to this luxury life of winetastings and dinners at great restaurants staing at kitted up lodges and such. i mean we have been sleeping in sizzling hot tents, on hard curchbenches and at alot of strange backpackers living on pop and pasta all days. and then straight into a world where my parents have been fixing just about everything. and it have all been perfect! i love them. they are great! the best!

different experiences. alot of them. great ones. just as we imagined we would do on this big trip. just as we imagined. awesome!











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