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Christmas on the beach

As swedes we celebrate Christmas the 24th December. We were happy to have dinner on the beach in good company with my godmother Malle, her husband Stef and their sons Teo and Love. They’re like cousins to me. After some surf and mini golf (!) Malle served us cold drinks and snacks in their pent

Christmas Eve

This is our chrismas eve. We woke up early by some beautiful morning light. Met Santa on our way to the beach. Had a full english breakfast for a looong time. With our feets in the sand.. Watching the surf. Petter went out for a session, waves had gotten bigger. We occupied a beach hut

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you that follow us around on this site. Hope you are having a great time. We have just had another great beach day on Sri lanka, not much different from the other days, great waves, lots of eating good food, lots of sun and some hang out with our friends

Christmas feelings

It’s been snooowing a lot here and you can feel christmas is getting closer. In sweden we eat a special type of buns with saffran during christmas time. We call them lussebullar. As you know saffran is very expensive and a white christmas very rare even here. This year instagram is more popular then ever

Christmas coffe at Andersons

Some Torekov-people living in New York most of the time invited us for christmas coffe at their place. Julia, another friend from Torekov was also there. We baked Swedish pepparkakor, drank Swedish glögg, black coffe, ate American delivery pizza twice, overlooked central park and discussed photography. Some traditional but still americanised christmas disorder turned out

merry christmas

Me and Petter are celebrating Christmas home in Sweden for the first time in two years. It’s also the first Christmas without each other in two years.. As we speak I’m on a bus going to north Sweden to met up my family. I love the the snow. But the chaos it cause is extreme.

surfing christmas

jag o linn känner att vi behöver ta igen lite jul från förra året.. så vi tänkte äta så mycket lussekatter de bara går. vi gjorde ett gäng häromdan. till fördrink, blossas otroligt goa saffransglögg. mums. till och med surfbrädor i saffran, longboarden är till linn. den bulliga gulliga där är en fish hon gjorde

last christmas

linn went to las palmas for a month. just when we had something going on. we both knew it. skype, facebook, msn whatever i just couldnt let go of her. three days without her and i was crazy. so after a workout i ran to johannes place and just booked a flight. his mum must

Meet Suresh – our Operations Manager

Suresh, where should we start? Suresh has been with Sunshinestories since the start! In the beginning, he was a tuk-tuk driver taking our guests to the surf. We thought some of the drivers to film the surf and Suresh was one of them. He was a natural with the film camera. Later he moved on to