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Couples who surf together, stay together

At Sunshinestories, we pride ourselves on being accessible for all ages 10 and up. We feel that age knows no boundaries here, and it’s so special watching guests come together, all nationalities, all ages, all on different paths. A few weeks ago we welcomed a group that were no exception to this rule. At the

Our Favorite Memories of 2017

We’re all about living in the present, but sometimes we can’t help but look back at the year and all the fun memories we’ve made with our Sunshinestories family. From the guests that roll through and change our lives, to the staff that have become more like family, there are all kinds of ways to

Interview with Seea Photographer Luki O’keefe

We caught up with surfer, model and photographer Luki O’keefe who stayed with us last month to shoot the beautiful new Seea collection. Luki hails from San Clemente in California and calls San O, Middles, and Churches her beloved home breaks. You’ll see her gorgeous images across the Seea website and media channels.  What words do you live

Snapshots of December

Early December we were busy getting the house ready for all the friends and family that would come visit us during the holidays. Simon, Petters brother came! Julia & Adnan had been house sitting our house during our yoga retreat and we were happy to catch up with them. Drank too much alcohol and laughed

We’re moving to Sri Lanka

Can you imagine the stoke we feel about this? It’s a decision that’s been with us for a while. At first we only spoke about it between us, with a low voice and a crooked smile. I’m not sure really when the actual decision came, but when Petter and I decide something, we do it. We

waking up in paradise

Waking up with that feeling of just pure happiness. Without knowing exactly where it comes from.  Like waking up with a smile on your lips and then remember it’s your birthday, or Christmas, or spring break. Or waking up and realize that you’re in a white fluffy bed with the love of your life knowing

Ebb & Flow Jungalows in Midigama

I spent many hours this autumn looking for a house to rent in Midigama and found nada. Staying at one of the guesthouses, we walked by a new place on our way to the juice bar and found Ebb & Flow, two “jungalows” created by Verity and Garrath. They opened the doors to their two

Road trip ala Sri Lanka

Road trip mode! We teamed up with our friends from home, Mårten and Kristina, rented a van with driver and drew inland. Roads are gnarly and short distances takes so much time so we’d really advise this sort of transport if you are short of time. Our driver knew the exakt roads and places to

sun’s back

Yesterday, our facebook and instagram feeds where full of bright, sunny images, with everyone telling us spring is here. The snow is apperently gone in Malmö. And it was as if the whole south part of Sweden felt it. The birds felt it. The dogs felt it. The outdoor beerdrinking guys felt it. Everyone. Even

yoga and brunsås

This weekend I got on a train heading north to spend som time with mum, dad and my sister. This is the first time I go home by train, I always drive because I go surfing while I’m home, have work to do or somehting else. It struck me how easy and convenient it is