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petter’s birthday


Today is Petters 22nd birthday. We concluded that his birthday almost alwaaays is on a thursday, with awesome may weather. So is this one. We usually take to boat out for a day at “the weather island”, usually it’s the only day we’ll get with the whole family before the summer rush hits torekov and

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Sunshinstories Family, Sweden

sunny love


This is my sister Sunna, I’ve been missing her like crazy these past months! I am so happy to have a sister like her, a best friend that I have grown up with, that knows the most embarrasing things in my life and all the things I am proud of. Someone I can laugh and

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Sunshinstories Family, Sweden, Torekov

Petters 1st day


Linn went home to her sisters apartment in Ängelholm and I went home to my family’s house in Torekov. This is my first day back home, fresh air, spring, my own bed, Swedish food, friends and family.. Waaah I’ve been missing home! Absolutely awesome to be back. Woke up to a welcoming sign that mum

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Sunshinstories Family

my sisters keeper


The hardest part with travel is to leave all your beloved one’s at home. This time I think the hardest separation is going to be from my sister Sunna. This autumn we have been living together and it has made us closer than ever before. Check her out at Sunnas. I will!

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