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safari in udawalawe

For the second time this season I went up to Udawalawe National Park. After a tip from our friends Brooke and Thomas we found a really nice bush camp outside of the park, it’s nice to stay around for two nights and do both boat safari and a trip in the park. The first time Petter drove me, his dad & sister in the jeep. But this time me and my brother rented a car + driver to get there from the south coast, it’s around 3-4 hours to get there from Ahangama and I was not really up to drive on my own.. Four years ago we took the local buses to get here and that works too, but takes way longer. It’s a beautiful trip though, you get to see many different sides of the beautiful Lanka.

Me and my brother Joel had three amazing days. Dinner on a raft in the middle of the lake, a trip to cool springs and two different safaris. No cheeta. But lots of wildlife, wine, some yoga and sweet wild limes!

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  1. Det ser helt magiskt ut! Längtar tills vi kan komma och hälsa på er, ert fina hus och alla elefanter! <3

  2. Not sure if you will see this – but wondering if you could provide some more info on the bush camp you stayed in? Looks beautiful!

  3. Hey

    Sounds like a great three days.

    Can you say which company you used? I’ll be there in January.

    All the best


  4. Hey I would love to stay in the same camp as you during your safari in udawalawa can you let me know what it was called?


  5. Hi it would be really helpful if you could respond with the name of this camp? Or what’s the point of this blog!? THANKS

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