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we walked out of the plane, took the skytrain to the immigrationcontrol, went by the super clean self-flushing toilet on the way, passed the immigration, followed the sign to the subway and missed the first train by a few seconds. on five led-flatscreens it said, new departure in less than 2 minutes. the subway took

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monk excursion


One day we decided to go visit some temples. We met some amazing young men who had come from northern Laos to get an education. The only way for most people to get that, is to leave your family and become a novice (the step before becoming a monk) in one of Luang Prabangs 33

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The grand palace

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Some photos from when we visited the Grand Palace. It´s a complex of temples, art, buddahs and old halls in the middle of Bangkok. Within the walls lies most important temple in thai history. Wat Phra Kaew. This Grand Palace is made in perfection. WOOOW! No wonder the king stayed here for 150 years. It is

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