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Budget for Sri Lanka


Here’s are budget for Sri Lanka. We’re surprised over how little things has change since we were here two years ago. Prices are the same, people are the same and we actually forgot how cheap it is to live here even though the prices are a bit increased due to the holidays. Thought you might

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under lake-level


When we took the boat around the lake we saw all the big gringo-houses that had amazing locations, some really high on steep mountain sides, and some really really close to shore, with their lawn leading straight down into the lake. After a while it looked really strange actually. And than we came into a

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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe


Flyttfåglarna flyger sin kos i skranliga V-formationer och det är dags för mig och Petter att bestämma oss för vart vi ska styra kosan den här vintern. Vi är sugna på Sydamerika, men samtidigt lockar vårt älskade Indonesien.. Flygbiljett för 7500 tur och retur inklusive möjlighet att ta med min långa, långa bräda. Lägenhet för

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