under lake-level

When we took the boat around the lake we saw all the big gringo-houses that had amazing locations, some really high on steep mountain sides, and some really really close to shore, with their lawn leading straight down into the lake. After a while it looked really strange actually. And than we came into a little bay and we saw that there where houses under water as well.

Later we heard that they have huge problem with the water level rising to fast, it has risen 2-3 meters in 2 years so all the beach front expensive lots are not that attractive anymore.. All the villages are moving further and furher up the hills, wonder how long it will take until it’s totally flooded.. It’s 340 meters deep atm and since it’s an endorheic lake no water floods out to sea, it just stays there. Wonder how many maya temples or old houses that could be found under the surface too.


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