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indo fins

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Some dear friends of us makes fins on Bali. Handmade fins with karma in every layer! Dylan costume ordered a pink single fin to my colorful longboard and delivered it the morning after (2 hours before our flight to Singapore). And I love it, thank you so much. Terima kasih! Check out their web page

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Sunshinestory; Mega Semadhi (Pro Surfer, Rusty Team Rider, Priest) on Bali


On Sri Lanka we heard about an incredible Indonesian surfer from a fellow traveller. Rumors said he was a priest and connected with god threw the sea.. Also he was probably Indonesia’s best surfer. He described him surfing and getting speed faster than anyone else and when in the tube he stood in a praying

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can add that its the same spot, and the same wave on both of the photos. and that it started to break far out behind the cliff before i managed to get my camera out of my backpack.

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de dasun

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we have been on bali for so long now so we´ve started to know a lot of people and places. the ones that stick out are the favorite ones, and they are soo well worth to know about. we found a new favorite, a restaurant. de dasun serves chinese and indonesian food, they have really friendly

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Idus & Robin

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pang så åkte nick hem, pang så försvann swellet, pang så gick solen i moln och pang så kom idus och robin. bilden är när solen tittade fram en snabbis i balangan efter konstant regn i flera dagar, skojj välkommnane neheee. men jag o linn var lite busiga och hyrde en bil för andra gången

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having a cold in this heat sucks

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But I’m happy here, laying in the shade on one of the most beautiful beaches I ever been to. The water is amazing, the waves are good and here’s tons of cool shells. Jess has lent me her precious iPod with the best music I ever heard and I’m looking at the few photos I

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