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I feel it in my bones


The other day it hit me that this is the first February we spend in Sweden in 4 years.. It’s cold. It’s dark. A February in the north could make anyone depressed. If you ever thinking of visiting Malmö, Sweden, don’t do it in February. Drinking hot chocolate and going through forgotten gigabytes of  sunny photos cheers me up

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a cold in the sun

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I’m having the worst cold ever and is busy fighting mosquitos and pamper my extremely white, BUT sunburned body. Petter has been out doing yoga, surfing and interviewing an interesting person while all I have done is painted my nails and trying not to cough my head out. Just thought I’d let you know that

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Locals only


This is one of those places that only exists in dreams. It´s a hidden little village along the high way one with no signs left saying it even exists. At first we tought the locals in the town must be mad at the locals at the surf for taking the signs down all the time

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“A boat trip in Indo sounds pretty neat, so what kind of person would prefer to go on a cold water charter?” Exciting thoughts about what makes surfing exciting. TheArticSurfBlog means that surfing is best alone, and that the best chance to score great waves, with no crowd would be at the most desert place

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having a cold in this heat sucks

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But I’m happy here, laying in the shade on one of the most beautiful beaches I ever been to. The water is amazing, the waves are good and here’s tons of cool shells. Jess has lent me her precious iPod with the best music I ever heard and I’m looking at the few photos I

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