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Our 2012


We thought we’d make one of those resumé posts going through our 2012. We were going to publish this post before the New Year, but going through a whole year when doing a minimum of one blog post per day wasn’t that easy. A 0,5mbit internet connection didn’t make it better. A lot of things have

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New Years Eve at Wegener’s


We had totally forgot that it was a new year coming up with our holiday brains occupied of taking in the beauty of California. Suddenly there it was and we got invited to a party at Wegener´s. Can you believe it? Wegener´s.. Like in Wegener surfboards. Thats how small the world of surfing is when

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Bye bye New York & HAPPY NEW YEAR!


We have had an awesome time in this city. It’s the first time we visit the states and we have constantly been in chock of how real everything is. The skysrapers, the statue of libety, brooklyn, the brewery, the sreets and avanues, central park, the christmas feeling, the crazy people in the subway, the smoke

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nyepi 2011


When we got the Bali our plan was to meet Nick somewhere in the awful mud-hole called Kuta, for you who have been there youy know that the chance for that to happen, without even deciding a date or place to meet is pretty much zero. Believe it or not but within thirty minutes Nick

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This day was one of our most epic days on our last journey. Imagine one of the coolest islands in the world, with loads and loads of culture, strong religion and old traditions. Imagine the whole island throwing a party on the same day, based on their strong island belief. That was what this day

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