Nicaragua, Surf

good morning swell


Woke in another amazing surf hotel we’ve got to stay at. If the place was super nice, the waves where super duper super wooohaaa nice! The outside reef was pumping and it was stand up barrel time!

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Mexico, Restaurants, Thoughts

hippie hide away

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After visiting the big old mayan city we went to a funky place along the road to find us a bed. In the jungle, in the middle of nowhere there was three or four different hostels, a bunch of “hippies” and backpackers, a few restaurants, one of them italian and famous in the whole of

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Interior, Sri Lanka

@ my room


Blev inspirerad av Isabels “hemma-hos-mig”-repotage och tänkte visa er hur mitt rum ser ut. Hundarna ville vara med, så de fick dem. Traintickets from Sri Lanka. Supercute and feels like those fake tickets you made as a kid, love them! Beautiful menu from Reuben’s Restaurant in Franschhoek, South Africa. & baskets from Bali Ska du

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We’re alive, don’t worry! It’s just too good waves outside in real life to be surfing the internet.. The other night Petter and I were discussing our top 5 of worst hotel/hostel/homestay/camping. Promise I’m gonna share it with you guys someday, cause the funny part is that I think we have some pics from almost

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Sri Lanka, Surf

nästan paradiset liksom


aso yeah this is the garden of the spooky house, private, secluded, sea turtles in the water, private surfspot just outside. really beautiful, cost us nothing, but still not worth it. uhhhh that house had a strange vibe attached to it

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The pink bathroom and the stonewalls feels a bit like Hollywood 1950, don’t you think? Me and petter take turns of how’s gonna do the laundry. Sometimes we think the hotel charges to much to do it for us.. And I think it is quite nice to work with my hands, to squeeze out all

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